Bi-Lingual Interactive Children's Book & Creative Kit For Social-Emotional Growth. 

Embark on a journey with MarlaGran! 

The kit includes a 60-page book with beautiful, engaging illustrations & drawing activities, a parent's guide with intentional discussion questions and an interactive deck of cards to bring out everyone’s inner-child. The book, guide and cards are in both English and Spanish.

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Social~Emotional Growth tool.

MarlaGran encourages creativity which is the essence of everything and imperative for healing, growth and joy. Our guide explains the theme of each section - how to use the book interactively and additional questions to support social/emotional development and skills. The beautifully illustrated deck of cards highlights different themes and make it fun!


Interactive Deck of Cards

Our internal landscapes reveal how we think in our minds and feel in our hearts about the world we live in. There are many ways to explore this like drawing, writing, collage, clay, play, moving, sounds, and of course discussion.

Our card game provides activities for you and your imagination to explore your internal thoughts and feelings. Think about it like having a microscope that can zoom into your thoughts and feelings. The 82 activities in our Card Game that accompany MarlaGran work like a “magnifying glass” to help you better see whatever is in your mind and heart.


MarlaGran Facilitates Connection With Your Child.

Create a lifetime of memories with your child. It is best used with parents and children together. Perfect for connecting with your child’s heart and helping them navigate self-discovery. Children 7-11 years old are developmentally primed for growth from this resource. The engaging content brings together children and adults to help adults understand the kid’s world, and helps kids to feel understood.


More Than A Children's Book... 

MarlaGran is a Children's story book, but it is designed in a way to help parents/teachers/therapists enter the world of their child and see the world through the creative eyes, helping all of us to connect to our own inner child. MarlaGran calls us ALL to listen to our inner wisdom and share our gifts with the world!

You Can Color & Draw In The Book!

It can be revisited and evolve over time like a journal. Part of creativity is having a safe space to create. This book gives your child just that!

Why Multilingual? 

The story of MarlaGran uses multiple languages to fully engage children, including the language of play as well as verbal languages, at the moment English - Spanish. Coming soon: Greek, Ukrainian and many more.

We use multiple languages for two primary reasons:

​1. To facilitate development of verbal languages consistent with the child’s external worlds, including languages spoken at home, school, and in their community.

​2. To integrate the child’s main internal language by actively promoting imagination, play, creativity and art.

This allows MarlaGran to act as a bridge not only between different languages but also between the child's world and the adult's world.

High Quality Design and Materials


Large & easy to read together.


Lay Flat binding, perfect for laps and tabletops.


It opens vertically.

Everything in the kit comes neatly packaged in this beautiful box for easy storage.

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What our readers have to say!

Meet the Author:

Originally from Greece, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and an interdisciplinary performing artist. I hold an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from CIIS and I specialize in Authentic Movement. I love the curious, authentic, and uninhibited nature of children; the ones who live out in the world, and the ones who reside inside our hearts. I trust our inherent capacity to be creative, and I believe in the power of play and the Expressive Arts to help our children thrive as well as heal our inner child wounds so that we can recover the sparkle of enthusiasm in our lives. That is why I envisioned the expressive arts & self-discovery resource, “MarlaGran: The Girl Who Wants to Live Creatively.” MarlaGran can be the story of our creative life in a magical world where everything is possible. I hope she inspires you to create all that your heart imagines.


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