MarlaGran's Bilingual Adventure~A Creative Kit for Children's Social-Emotional Growth

Embark on a journey of imagination and growth with MarlaGran's creative kit, featuring a 60-page illustrated book that captivates and inspires in both English and Spanish. This comprehensive kit, perfect for home and educational use, includes a versatile guide and an interactive card deck, each offering enriching experiences for social-emotional growth in both languages.

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Why Bilingual ~ Multilingual? 

The Language of Play & Words

MarlaGran: The Girl Who Wants to Live Creatively is crafted not just in bilingual words, English-Spanish, but also in the universal language of play. This dual approach bridges the gap between how children communicate through play and how they interact with words. We've woven together playful expression and linguistic learning for two key reasons:

Language Learning: The book mirrors the languages children hear at home, in school, and in their communities, facilitating word acquisition that resonates with their daily experiences.

Worlds Collide and Connect: By aligning the imaginative world of children with the verbal world of adults, we create a shared space where understanding and communication flourish. This helps build a meaningful bridge between the imaginative minds of children and the more structured adult world.

Creativity~The Heart of MarlaGran's Adventure

MarlaGran's story is a celebration of creativity, not just as an artistic pursuit, but as a vibrant force in our everyday lives. We see creativity as a joyful journey of discovery, one that ignites enthusiasm and uncovers the treasures within us. Nurturing creativity unlocks powerful resources for learning, resilience, and connection. It inspires us to view challenges with fresh eyes and express our deepest selves. Our invitation to you and your children is to delve into a world where creativity is boundless and accessible at any age. Join us on this journey to embrace and celebrate the creative potential in all of us.


A Visual Feast for Young Minds

Dive into MarlaGran's vibrant world with a 60-page storybook that's more than just illustrations. It invites children to creatively complete the artwork, fostering their imagination and self-discovery. Integrated activities with thoughtful questions in the book promote social-emotional development, making each page an interactive journey of learning and self-expression. Ideal for kids aged 5 and up, this book is a an interactive adventure in creativity and self-awareness and a canvas for young minds to explore and grow.


Your Interactive Canvas!

MarlaGran's storybook is a canvas to create on! Encourage your child to color and draw directly in the book, making it their personal creative journal. This interactive approach not only fosters creative expression but also provides a safe space to express their thoughts and emotions and let their imagination to flourish. As your child grows, the book evolves with them, capturing their developmental journey in a unique and colorful way. It's more than a book; it's a keepsake of creativity and growth.

A Journey in Social~Emotional Creativity

MarlaGran is a catalyst for creativity, essential in nurturing healing, growth, and joy. Our carefully crafted guide delves into each section's theme, offering ways to use the book interactively, both in one-to-one and group settings. It includes thoughtful questions designed to foster social and emotional development and skills. Accompanied by a beautifully illustrated deck of cards, each highlighting different themes, the kit turns learning into a fun and immersive experience.


MarlaGran's Playful Exploration Cards

Discover the landscapes of your mind and heart with MarlaGran's Interactive Deck of Cards. These 80 activity cards are like a 'magnifying glass,' revealing the intricate details of your thoughts and emotions. Each card is a doorway to one of five creative exploration paths: Colorful Images to inspire drawing or collage, Creative Movement to express through motion, Writing & Symbols for reflective writing, Found Objects for inventive use of everyday items, and Expressive Sounds to explore auditory creativity. This deck transforms introspection into a playful, enriching journey, making it an ideal tool for individuals, families, and groups seeking to deepen their self-awareness and connect with their internal worlds.


Deepening Family Bonds 

MarlaGran is a bridge to your child’s heart. Designed for joint exploration between parents and children, it offers a unique opportunity to understand and navigate the complex world of a child’s emotions and thoughts. Perfect for children aged 5 and up, this resource opens up avenues for meaningful conversations and shared experiences, helping you create a lifetime of memories and a deeper connection with your child.


Rediscover Your Inner Child 

More Than A Children's Book... 

MarlaGran invites everyone, not just children, to a journey of self-discovery. It encourages adults to reconnect with their own inner child, viewing the world with wonder and creativity. This unique aspect of MarlaGran nurtures personal growth, offering insights and wisdom that resonate beyond childhood. It’s a call to all, regardless of age, to listen to our inner wisdom and share our innate gifts with the world.

Bridging Hearts & Minds ~ 

A Multifaceted Learning Resource

MarlaGran is a bridge between worlds. Designed for parents, educators, and therapists, this versatile kit enables deep connections with children of all ages, from 5 to teenagers. It invites adults into a child's creative realm, fostering understanding and guiding growth. Ideal for various developmental stages, MarlaGran is a dynamic tool for creative learning, emotional exploration, and skill development. Its adaptability across different settings makes it invaluable in nurturing children's emotional and cognitive skills, both at home and in professional environments.

High Quality Design and Materials


Large & easy to read together.


Lay Flat binding, perfect for laps and tabletops.


It opens vertically.

Everything in the kit comes neatly packaged in this beautiful box for easy storage.

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Meet the Author:

Hello! I'm originally from Greece, and now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in California, blending my expertise with my passion as author, speaker and artist. With an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from CIIS and a specialization in Authentic Movement, I've always been fascinated by the uninhibited and authentic nature of children - both those around us and the inner child within every adult. My belief in our inherent creativity and the transformative power of play and Expressive Arts led me to create 'MarlaGran: The Girl Who Wants to Live Creatively.' This resource is more than a book; it's a testament to the healing journey of our inner child and a celebration of the imaginative spirit in all of us. My hope is that MarlaGran becomes a part of your story, inspiring you and your loved ones to unleash your creative potential and rediscover the joy and enthusiasm in life. Welcome to the magical world of MarlaGran, where everything you imagine can come to life!


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